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Marketing Innovators Luncheon Seminar

Sales and Marketing Alignment That Actually Produced Results

Presented by: Tom Insprucker, Vice-President, Global Solutions Marketing and Harvey Dunham, Vice-President, Global Operations Business Development

The deck from this presentation may be found below.

The typical experience of B2B commercial teams is checkered at best, an outright train wreck many times. The constant stasis caused when sales and marketing cannot seem to find a common way. Why does this misalignment so often occur? Why can we not get the two commercial twins to be locked arm in arm and go to market in rank and file? Such an obvious win, and so often eluding even the best in class.

Ten years ago Square D/Schneider Electric was experiencing the same, and had been for many, many decades. It took dedicated sales, marketing, and strategy leadership to step forward. The team met privately, agreed on a strategy and literally signed up to make sales and marketing work in a different way than ever before in the company. This level of bonding and trust was the Leadership catalyst necessary to move the mountain. But, with hundreds of employees in the market segment there was the real work left to do... align the sales and marketing work force.

In this presentation, Harvey Dunham and Tom Insprucker will reveal the exact steps they took to instill the discipline and align the organization in a way to viciously execute the strategy. They will also discuss how they put sales and marketing managers together and forced them to jointly build tools to choose which customers they would focus on. It is a story of the journey of a thousand miles beginning with a single step. From day one until the end of 5 years, the team grew earnings at a staggering rate, besting all performance in the company. Why? We were no longer sales and marketing. We were "the team".

In this presentation, every slide will teach you something you can do - not telling you what you don't know, but training you the system for making alignment happen. Free tools will willingly given away to everyone in the audience. Come join us for FUN (you get that when you are aligned!).


Tom Insprucker, Vice-President, Global Solutions Marketing, leads a team responsible creating contact points for customers throughout their life cycle.

Insprucker has been with Schneider Electric for 28 years and Sales, Marketing, Strategy and product management for 34 years , Service, training, product management US Industrial Marketing, Sales Management, Strategy, E-business, General Management with P&L ownership and Executive Marketing roles.

Tom received both his BA and MBA international marketing from Southern California University for Professional Studies.


Harvey Dunham, Vice-President, Global Operations Business Development, leads a team responsible for helping sales leaders, managers, teams and people improve their sales efficiency.

Dunham has been with Schneider Electric for 33 years, holding progressive roles in: sales and sales management; marketing management; strategy; executive sales management; and general management with P&L responsibility. Most recently, following his roles as Country President for South Africa and Poland, he joined Schneider’s Building Business to help improve their solution selling ability.

Harvey received a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Oregon State University and earned an Honorable Discharge from the United States Coast Guard as a Second Class Electronic Technician Petty Officer.

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