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Marketing Innovators Luncheon Seminar

When One Plus One Equals More Than Two

Presented by: Alex Zimmermann, VP of Global Sales & Marketing for Siemens Molecular Imaging (MI)

The deck from this presentation may be found below.

With aging populations and extended life expectancies, the number of Alzheimer’s cases in the United States and worldwide is growing at epidemic levels. Progressing steadily and unmercifully, Alzheimer’s disease is now the sixth leading cause of death in the United States. With 5.2 million Americans living with the disease — and another person joining that group every 68 seconds — this number is predicted to triple by 2050.

How can the partnership of an medical device company and a pharmaceutical company help US physicians for the first time ever, to offer an integrated diagnostic imaging solution proposed for the detection of amyloid plaques — one of the necessary pathological features of Alzheimer’s disease? The complex nature of an Alzheimer’s imaging solutions requires not only the collaboration between companies but as well a more innovative marketing approach.

Discover how two industry leaders — Siemens and Eli Lilly — developed an innovative solution that is more than the sum of the parts. Enjoy how innovative marketing can make the non-tangible tangible. And learn how creative communication approaches can help your company to motivate your sales force to successfully propagate a solutions that is outside their comfort zone.

Guest speaker, Alex Zimmermann, VP Global Sales & Marketing – Siemens Molecular Imaging, explains why one plus one can be more than two allowing Siemens to be the first company worldwide to announce a comprehensive amyloid imaging solution for the U.S. market for the detection of amyloid plaques.




Alexander Zimmermann’s dedication and extensive history with Siemens has enhanced the company’s commitment to excellence and Siemens presence in the healthcare industry. As vice president of Global Sales & Marketing for Siemens Molecular Imaging (MI), he is responsible for strategic sales and marketing planning worldwide, including its PET and SPECT clinical and preclinical systems product families, cyclotrons, as well as biomarker research and development, and PETNET Solutions, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc.

Prior to joining the MI Business Unit, Zimmermann was with the Computed Tomography (CT) Business Unit since 2001. In his most recent role, he was director of global CT product marketing management, responsible for the successful launches of the SOMATOM Definition Flash (2008) and the SOMATOM Definition AS (2007) CT scanners to the market. He has been with Siemens since 1997.

Zimmermann has traveled extensively with Siemens and been based in Germany, Mexico, Argentina, Chile and the United States in his various roles within the Healthcare sector. In his new position, he is based in Siemens Molecular Imaging’s global headquarters in Hoffman Estates, Ill.

Zimmermann received a graduate degree in biomedical engineering from the University of Applied Sciences in Ulm, Germany.


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