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Breakfast Seminar

Video Production Strategies and Practices

Presented by: Maureen Boyle, Director of Creative Services for, Christopher Payne, Director of Business Development at Resolution Production Group and Doug Kamp, Executive Creative Director at gyro

You’ve been reading and hearing about how content is king and you’ve decided it’s time to create videos for your company.  Have you decided what the video will achieve? Have you thought about the call to action? Maybe you’ve already created videos and want to make more but wonder why costs are so high or why nobody is watching? Do you ask yourself how you can get the most creative out of your annual video production budgets? 

There’s a long list of considerations and creating video content can be a painful topic to approach both financially and strategically. 

This month’s breakfast panel will shed some light on what goes on behind the scenes when it comes to content creation for video, animation, or broadcast. It will focus on questions you should ask regarding the scope of work and variables involved that are cost drivers. It will help you understand how to approach your agency or production partner with ideas and expectations.

You will hear from an agency about elevating creative, a production house on cost factors and considerations to before executing, and a corporation will reveal some of their best practices in working with their agencies and production house partners. 

Join BMA Chicago’s breakfast series this to get a high level view and learn more of the ins and outs of content creation.


  • Maureen Boyle, Director of Creative Services for
  • Christopher Payne, Director of Business Development at Resolution Production Group
  • Doug Kamp, Executive Creative Director at gyro


Maureen Boyle, director, Creative Services & Events at, leads the in-house creative and events agency (Team IDEA). She provides strategic direction, creative vision, ideation and organizational leadership to fulfill Team IDEA’s mission to create experiences – whether physical or visual – for various audiences to engage, interact and strengthen relationships with the brand. With more than 17 years of diverse marketing experience, Maureen has been able to effectively elevate the brand of in-house resources and establish her team as the authority and go-to resource for creative & multimedia development, execution and brand positioning as well as event strategy, planning and execution. Prior to joining, Maureen held various marketing roles at, Jam Theatricals, Tribune Company and TMP Worldwide.

Maureen is a Chicago native and attended the University of Kansas William Allen White School of Journalism, where she received the exclusive leadership award of her graduating class.


Chris came to Chicago from the Washington DC area to study art through film and video production at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and business communications at Loyola University.His early career evolved in TV and film but he found his strength in managing situations that were client facing, relationship focused and involved business development.

 With over 15 years’ experience delivering technology and communications solutions to corporations, B-to-B companies and creative agencies; Chris has established a unique right brain/left brain balance that helps identify, develop, and deliver solutions that add value to a client’s marketing initiatives. Chris possesses a foundation structured around a deep understanding of operational and financial efficiencies for his clients.

In his spare time, Chris is an avid mountain biker and fisherman and appreciates a good craft beer.


Doug Kamp is the Executive Creative Director at gyro. For nearly 20 years, Doug has held a strong and simple belief, that ideas are greater than any one media or discipline. 

While at gyro, clients like Sony Electronics, Technicolor, Aon, Kimberly-Clark, USG, TetraPak, GE Healthcare and even John Deere have all benefited from Doug’s vast experience in the industry.

Prior to joining gyro, Doug led global brands like McDonald’s, Motorola and Miller Brewing while at J. Walter Thompson and TBWA. And whether he was launching the “Like No Other” campaign for Sony, or guiding Dell Computers through their global expansion, Doug’s goal was simple: to deliver ideas, insights and creative that created results for his clients.

Simply put, Doug fosters a creative spirit and energy in the business-to-business community and at gyro that inspires all those around him. Just as he’s inspired by watching his two boys play peewee football and his daughter lead her grade school as the President of her student government.

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