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Breakfast Seminar

Developing a Comprehensive Demand Generation Program using Automation

Presented by: Theresa Damato, Vice President Marketing Communciations at Trustwave, Eric Marcy, Vice President Marketing Operations at SAVO Group and Jennifer Stoll, Head Of Strategic Planning, Pepper North America

The deck from this presentation may be found below.


Marketing Automation makes marketing more effective and efficient but is only as good as the demand generation strategy, creative and execution of the campaigns that utilize those tools. While the robust abilities of automation systems allow marketers to do more than ever it’s necessary to prioritize efforts that make sense for your organization, using a “crawl-walk-run” mindset that will help you meet your demand gen goals.

Trustwave’s Senior Vice President of Marketing, Theresa Damato and SAVO Group’s Vice President of Operations, Eric Marcy will share their experiences in taking robust demand generation strategies, how they’re effectively implementing them into automated, integrated campaigns and how they’re measuring success.

You’ll hear the challenges both Trustwave and SAVO Group have addressed in each unique stage of their marketing automation maturity, including how segmentation, content, scoring, team skills and sales/marketing alignment are continually evolving.

Introducing Theresa and Eric will be Jennifer Stoll, Head of Strategic Planning for Pepper North America, a leading B2B Integrated Communications agency.

Jennifer will provide insights from the 2014 Marketing Automation Report conducted by Pepper and the B2B Technology Marketing Community on LinkedIn. These insights together with Trustwave and SAVO’s experiences will leave you with the tools you need to adapt your marketing automation ecosystems for success.


Theresa is currently Vice President, Marketing and Communications for Trustwave, a global leader in on demand security and compliance management. For the past 20 years, Theresa has been helping organizations in the rapidly changing technology industry find their voice, communicate their value, acquire new customers and create demand across their portfolio.  Over the years, she’s found that successful and sustainable demand creation strategies are rooted in our ability to clearly articulate and align on goals – whether that’s building awareness, gaining market share, acquiring new customers, or developing relationships and loyalty – and also our ability to maintain realistic expectations around the operational aptitude of our organization, and our appetite for process accountability.  

During this session, Theresa will share some of the internal and external successes and challenges she’s faced in developing and sustaining persistent demand generation programs with marketing automation- including process definition, creative and content development, nurture track development, and tools selection and implementation – and how it can be a critical tool in both increasing the impact of marketing and proving the value of the work you do (and the budget you spend).  


Eric Marcy is the Vice President of Demand Generation and Marketing Operations at SAVO.  He began his career on the sales side of the fence various individual and leadership roles mostly within the software sector. When he arrived at SAVO to manage the sales development team, however, he was met with an interesting challenge. As sales continues to evolve, the roles of traditional players change with it. Inside sales teams once were a few leaps away from being half human, half phone, but now, what once was a somewhat mindless and intrusive role has become an essential strategic arm of sales and marketing organizations. Marcy drew upon similar inspirations and   to create a sales development team equal parts demand generation and sales. Through his work building pipeline at the very tip of the funnel where the human touch guides interested prospects into the early stages of the sales cycle, Marcy developed an understanding of how marketing automation could better serve sales development and SAVO. In this talk, Eric will share these experiences, and how they have shaped his approach to his new role overseeing all marketing demand generation and marketing operations. He will weigh the tools available to demand gen teams, as well as speak to the necessity of the human touch when it comes to putting the pieces together. However, marketing automation is just one piece a truly successful selling system, and Marcy will walk attendees through SAVO’s vision for a truly holistic approach to sales, harnessing the power of marketing automation and CRM for smarter selling. 


With over 14 years of client-side and agency marketing experience, Jennifer has a diverse background developing contact strategies and communication plans in a variety of industries, including technology, education, and CPG. An expert in developing multi-channel demand generation programs for both B2B and B2C, Jennifer is able to merge her passion for theoretical planning with hands-on experience as a marketing automation expert focusing on lead scoring, closed loop reporting and advanced segmentation.

As Senior Strategic Planner at Pepper Global, Jennifer and the Chicago-based team have developed award-winning programs and campaigns for clients in the B2B and IT space, earning Pepper consistent rankings as a top B2B agency. In her spare time, Jennifer applies her math, strategy and “looking ahead” skills to two unique pastimes: brewing beer and trapeze. 


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