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Marketing Innovators Luncheon Seminar

Building a Global Brand from the Inside Out

Audio and the deck from this presentation may be found below.

Meet Helen McIntosh, global director of marketing communications at Ingredion Incorporated, the $6.5 billion global ingredient solutions business headquartered in Westchester, Ill. Having played a lead role in creating a differentiated Ingredion brand and inspiring employees to bring it to life for customers around the world, she will share how to successfully build a new global brand on the legacy of two other brands with more than a century behind them.

Ingredion became the new name of Corn Products International less than a year ago, and just two years after Corn Products acquired National Starch. Ingredion’s share price hit a new 52-week high just last week.

The key to building your brand, says McIntosh, is from the inside out. Answer “Why?” for employees in compelling and emotionally meaningful ways, and they will be your standard bearers for a brand that’s different from what they chose when they were hired. Helping them feel the Three Cs—Clear, Confident and Connected—enabled employees to envision the type of company they wanted Ingredion to be. The result? A genuine brand built one employee at a time all over the world.

Along the road to creating a new Fortune 500 brand, there were interesting challenges to turn into opportunities, such as the three-month period in which the new name was announced but not yet approved by shareholders and the need to roll out the new name region by region instead of all at once. Throughout the journey—which is still continuing—McIntosh learned surprising truths relevant to and helpful for all marketers, regardless of where you are in your brand cycle.


Helen McIntosh is the Global Director of Marketing Communications for Ingredion Incorporated, a Fortune 500 global ingredient solutions business known formerly as Corn Products International. A British national, Helen was relocated from the UK to Chicago 2 years ago to take up this newly created role, based at the global headquarters in Westchester, Ill. During her time in the U.S., she has played a leadership role in creating and embedding a compelling and differentiated Ingredion brand and rolling it out around the world.

When she came to the U.S., Helen brought more than 20 years of experience in senior marketing roles for several blue-chip multinationals including Cargill Inc., Elf Sanofi and National Starch, which was acquired by Corn Products in 2010. She has lived and worked in Paris as well as the UK and the U.S. and speaks fluent French. A graduate of Warwick University, Helen has dedicated her career to the pursuit of marketing communications excellence and to enabling global organizations to maximize brand demand from the inside out.

Outside of work, Helen is a lifelong Manchester United supporter and proud owner of an Old Trafford season ticket. She is also a keen traveller and has visited four continents many times over, citing Venice (Italy) and Koh Phi Phi (Thailand) as her favorite places to escape to. She has also played the lead role in many musicals including, “The Sound of Music,” “The Wizard of Oz” and “West Side Story.”

Ingredion Incorporated

Ingredion Incorporated is one of the world’s leading ingredient solutions providers, processing corn, tapioca, wheat, potatoes and other raw materials into a myriad of ingredients for the food, beverage, brewing and pharmaceutical industries as well as numerous other industrial sectors. With more than 11,000 employees around the world, Ingredion serves customers in more than 60 diverse markets in over 40 countries. 

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