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Marketing Innovators Luncheon Seminar

Demand Generation in a Changing Landscape

Audio and the deck from this presentation may be found below.

Imagine yourself on the marketing team of a global B2B enterprise. Your challenge is to create and maintain interest in a complex product portfolio. You’ve got a good foundation –– industry-leading products, strong company reputation, a well-crafted and promoted brand –– yet you’re struggling to move the needle on sales.

Sound familiar?

Five years ago, this was the situation Molex faced. The multibillion-dollar company, which manufactures electronic interconnect products, operates in an extremely competitive Industry with many global rivals. To remain a leader, market growth is essential. So in 2008, Molex set out to better connect with prospects. To transform customer data into marketing intelligence. To keep the sale cycle short and the pipeline full.

In this presentation, Brian Krause, Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Molex, explains how he and his team tackled demand generation –– the art and science of developing, nurturing, and maintaining buying interest in your products and services.

If you’ve dug into the topic of demand generation, you know it’s complex –– a huge discipline with many moving parts. But rather than be overwhelmed, Krause and his team decided to focus on what they could reasonably achieve. They identified five “must-haves” to get their efforts off the ground and position the project for success.

The Molex approach includes: multi-touch, integrated lead generation efforts; a marketing automation platform; robust lead nurturing tactics; comprehensive metrics; and continuous campaign optimization.

The results have been an all-around win. Smarter, more targeted content that enhances customer interactions. A clearer understanding of marketing ROI. Closer, more influential relationships with prospects and customers. And, of course, more closed sales.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn –– firsthand –– how a $3.5-billion company successfully demystified demand generation. You’ll not only get real-world advice you can apply to your own organizations, but a roadmap for achieving what so many of us want: Constant sales revenue in a constantly changing world.


Brian has been working in the Interconnect World for over 30 years, with the last 29 years for Molex Incorporated in various Marketing and Sales positions. In his current position as Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Molex, Brian is responsible for Global Marketing and Communications, which includes the Molex Brand, Molex's Web site, Advertising, Public Relations, as well as the Commercialization and Promotion of Molex's products globally.

Brian's Global MARCOM organization promotes Molex to key audiences in major industries through trade shows and customer seminars, advertising, electronic promotions, search words, e-newsletters, product campaigns, public relations, and multimedia productions. The Global Product Commercialization organization is responsible for working with product managers to develop promotion plans and using cost-effective commercialization tactics to meet the marketing needs for each of Molex's sales channels. These tactics include product release packages, web publishing, the "Team Molex" audio conference calls, product sample kits and content for newsletters and promotions.

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