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Jeanine Gaffke

Jeanine Gaffke

Executive Vice President, Programs Committee chair

Head of Global Marketing and Brand at Sealed Air

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Jeanine Gaffke has a track record of delivering award winning and revenue generating Marketing solutions for more than 18 years.  She has had the honor of working for some of the best Chicago companies such as  Ariel Investments, Motorola, Smurfit-Stone Container Corporation and Discover Card. She received a B.A. in Journalism from Indiana University and her MBA from DePaul University, where she helped develop the e-Business Masters Program for the school. Jeanine is committed to community development. She is the Vice President of Board of the Business Marketing Association, is the past Executive Director of the Cultural Mile Association and volunteers her time, along with her husband, Michael, tutoring and conducting various other activities at Ariel Community Academy. Travel and a healthy lifestyle are also part of Jeanine’s portfolio. Every year she embarks on an adventurous vacation—she has climbed the mountains of Nepal, dove the blue-hole in Belize and even completed a 110 mile walking safari in Africa.