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Breakfast Seminar

Using Data to be a Customer-Centric Company

Audio and the deck from this presentation may be found below.

Based upon recent research conducted with the Digiday audience, survey results reveal that while marketers want to use data to provide wonderful, customer-centric experiences, they struggle to make sense of the vast new information flowing into their marketing processes while juggling new channels, response options and meeting consumer expectations.

Best practices for the use of marketable data often shift; from behavior and intent, to third-party, search and social. While they realize they must find the data connections that maximize the value of customer relationships, their noble aspirations are often misaligned with organizations’ overall strategy. 

Nonetheless, they must prepare to connect customer data toward better experiences and results while maintaining the proper balance between consumer privacy and marketing profitability. Data is not a channel, media, online or offline thing; It is a customer asset, and therefore, should be considered an enterprise asset.


Andrew Dorn, Manufacturing Industry Leader for Acxiom.

With 30 years in the Manufacturing Industry, Andrew is a thought Leader in driving competitive advantage through Analytics and B2B Global Growth and is well versed in the leverage of marketing and customer data to drive growth for the traditional manufacturer.

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